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As Americans continue to live longer, the law has adapted to meet the legal needs of the population.

This practice area is referred to as Geriatric Law, or Elder Law.

Many people may have heard the term “Geriatric Law.” Often, however, when we first meet with potential clients, they are confused about what exactly Geriatric Law is and how it applies to them. There is a common misconception that Geriatric Law services only apply to aging adults and seniors. In reality, this is not true. To help educate you about this important field of law, let us share with you some information about Geriatric Law.

Geriatric Law is a relatively broad field of law that encompasses a large amount of services pertaining to aging adults.

While Geriatric Law can be beneficial for almost everyone, and is not only relevant for seniors, its primary focus is on the handling of your assets while you are still alive and preparing for your retirement and end-of-life care. A Geriatric Law attorney can help you accomplish your goals by creating trusts, long-term care plans, helping you obtain long-term care insurance, and applying for VA or Medicaid benefits on your behalf to help you receive the benefits you deserve and may be entitled to.

A Geriatric Law attorney is also familiar with the challenges that a senior faces, such as senior exploitation and issues with Medicare, and can help you create a plan that ensures your assets, needs, and loved ones are protected as you age. A Geriatric Law attorney can also help prepare any disability or special needs planning in the event you become incapacitated. Without a disability plan, you and your assets may be subject to a court-supervised guardianship process whether a judge will decide who will care for you. Planning ahead under the guidance of an experienced Geriatric Law attorney is key to helping protect yourself and your assets for any unexpected circumstances that arise in your future.

We know how challenging it can be to prepare for getting older. It is important, however, that you plan ahead while you still have the opportunity to do so to make sure your loved ones are protected. Enlisting the guidance of a Geriatric Law attorney is just one of the ways you can plan ahead for the future and protect your assets. Do not wait to contact our office to ask us your questions and schedule a meeting with one of our experienced Geriatric Law attorneys.