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Each and every day we help seniors and their families navigate the challenging long-term care maze. Our team works alongside you and your caregivers by creating the Florida legal planning you need that is designed to both guide you through the uncertainties of the aging process and find ways to pay for the ever increasing costs of long-term care.

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Our goal is to give you as much education as we can to help you understand how you need to plan in Florida. Here, in our Ask the Expert section, you’ll find answers to your questions from our own attorney Jill Burzynski. Jill was the first board certified elder law attorney with an office in Collier County. She gained real insight into the problems that her clients face when her own father was diagnosed with dementia. This life experience has sharpened her focus on ensuring the best care for her clients. Now, she’s answering the most frequently asked questions she sees in her practice, right here, in An Elder Law Minute

What Do I Do When a Loved One Dies?

My Parent Has Dementia, Can I Get a Durable Power of Attorney?

What is Life Care Planning?

Is My Will Valid in Florida, If It Was Executed in Another State?

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