Planning at the Time of a Dementia Diagnosis

Most patients and their families are not entirely surprised when a diagnosis of dementia is made by a physician. The patient and the family have probably been noticing subtle changes for some time. However, when these suspicions are confirmed by a diagnosis, all the decision makers for the family need to carefully assess their situation...
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Efforts to Avoid Probate Can Cause Unintended Consequences

Many people believe that probate is something that should be avoided in all cases. When asked why probate should be avoided, people often express that probate will be a very expensive and time consuming process. These perceptions are not necessarily true. The efforts that are made when trying to avoid probate are sometimes more costly...
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Caregiver Burnout

Many of our caregiver clients are dealing with the biggest challenges they have ever faced. Their loved one can no longer toilet, feed, bathe, and dress themselves. Watching a family member lose the ability to function and revert to a childlike state is not only devastating and heart wrenching, but also financially debilitating. I often...
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