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Veteran's Pension
Veterans’ Benefits for Naples Residents
Many Veterans do not realize that they may be eligible for Veterans’ benefits  to help cover the costs of medical care. If you are a Veteran who served in wartime you may qualify for additional monthly pension. This Veterans’ benefit, called “Aid and Attendance” works best for someone with modest means but large medical expenses....
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mom in wheelchair
Life Care Planning
Hear directly from Board Certified Attorney Jill Burzynski on this topic in Advance Planning for the Aging Population As the population ages, planning for long term care is becoming a pervasive problem. Gone are the days when advance planning  just involved a will and power of attorney. While advance planning for what happens to assets...
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thoughtful caregivers
Florida Medicaid Eligibility Numbers for 2020
Life Care Planning: Our life care planning services include asset protection and Medicaid planning and we try to keep the public informed about Florida Medicaid numbers.  The Florida Medicaid eligibility numbers for 2020 are below. Nursing home care typically costs $9,000-$13,000 per month. Most Senior Citizens find that their income falls well short of this cost....
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Naples Estate Planning
Hear directly from Board Certified Attorney Jill Burzynski on this topic in Planning for your estate is critical.  Estate Planning not only contemplates who will get your assets when you die, but also who will manage both your healthcare and finances, should you ever be unable to make decisions for yourself.  We help our clients...
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Hear directly from Board Certified Attorney Jill Burzynski on this topic in A variety of medical conditions (including Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s Disease, stroke, brain damage, vascular disease, dementia) can cause or contribute to a person becoming incapable of handling his or her affairs. When a person has reached a point that he or she is...
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a simple plan
Whether acting as an attorney-in-fact or agent under a Durable Power of Attorney, Trustee of a trust, Health Care Surrogate,  Personal Representative or Guardian a fiduciary’s responsibilities are complex.  Actions which can be legitimately taken utilizing certain documents, would be considered theft if taken under the provisions of another document.  Fiduciaries must use extra care...
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Health Care Surrogate
Guardianship in Naples
Guardianship is the legal process whereby the court appoints a person to make decisions on an incapacitated person’s behalf.  Guardianship is sometimes necessary when an incapacitated person did not name an agent to make decisions for him or her.  Guardianship may also be necessary in some situations of exploitation or in situations when the incapacitated...
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planning for long-term care
Protecting Rights
Nursing Home Discharge One of the greatest benefits that our life care planning clients receive protecting rights at a nursing home. We have often encountered potential clients whose loved one was placed in a nursing home for rehabilitation. They tell us that the nursing home has instructed them that they will have to find an...
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Last Will and Testament
Naples Probate and Trust Administration
Hear directly from Board Certified Attorney Jill Burzynski on this topic in After the death of a decedent his or her assets need to be evaluated to determine how they were held to determine what actions are necessary to convey the property to the beneficiaries.  Some assets may be jointly held in which case the...
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care coordination
Care Coordination
Our Life Care Planning Services include care coordination to assist elders and their families attain the highest quality of life given their circumstances. Our Elder Care Coordinator: Helps clients and families identify care problems and assist in solving them. Coordinates with medical and health providers. Reviews medical issues and offers referrals to other geriatric specialists...
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