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By Barbara A. Miller, R.N.

What is a care plan meeting?
When an individual is admitted to a skilled nursing home, the staff has regularly scheduled meetings (within fourteen days of admission and then quarterly) regarding the care and progress of a patient.
Who attends?
The meeting is attended by the staff which can include the Social Worker, the Charge Nurse, the Physical Therapist, the Occupational / Speech Therapist, the Nutritionist, the MDS Coordinator, the Administrator and the Physician. Not all attend every meeting. The patient is also invited as well as interested family members. The Elder Care Coordinator / Nurse Advocate from our office usually attends the first meeting and subsequent meetings upon the request of family members or the resident when support is needed.
What is the purpose of the meeting?
The purpose of the initial meeting is to familiarize everyone with the needs of the patient and how they best can be met. The subsequent meetings are forums where the progress or lack of progress can be discussed. Care issues and concerns are often discussed and problem solving occurs through the discussions and input of all attending. Everyone’s goal is to provide the best care possible and address any concerns that impede the delivery of that care.
Should you attend?
This is your opportunity to discuss your thoughts and concerns to the people who directly care for your loved one and it gives them the opportunity to share their thoughts and any concerns with you regarding your loved one. It is not an adversarial meeting, but rather an opportunity to share information and suggestions for the best outcomes possible.

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