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What is a Life Care Plan? 

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A life care plan is a form that summarizes a person’s health and treatment plan. It identifies the health condition, providers, medications and emergency contacts, and options for care.  Normally, the plan is completed in consultation with a doctor and a family member. Developing a life care plan now is sensible to safeguard your health and your family’s  inheritance while including a plan for the right care for you. 

What a Life Care Plan Does 

  • Provides care either at home or in a facility, depending on the level of care required. • Locates the right resources to fund the care 
  • Offers the family and patient peace of mind in knowing the right care package is in  place. 

Services Included in a Life Care Plan 

The Life Care Plan is extensive and customized to meet individual needs and encourage  family involvement. The plan will usually include the following. 

Legal Services 

The Life Care Plan will include elder law, estate planning, and advocacy services from an  expert legal team. Often the family won’t know where to start in planning this type of care,  and the experts are familiar with all aspects of the care plan and will guide you in making the  right choices for your loved one. 

Coordination of Care 

Coordination of Care is part of the service provided in protecting your family members’  assets and guiding decision making. Many older people have a slight cognitive impairment  and become confused by complex decision-making, while others simply don’t want the  worry. This way, they will reach a clear and appropriate planned ‘pathway’ leading to the right  care plan based on their overall condition and finances. 

Client Advocacy 

Patient-centered care is the aim of the program, and it can be long-term or short-term based  on the patient’s condition. The team advocates for the client, providing advocacy services that  will empower the family to give the patient a better quality of life. 

Medicare and Insurance Supports 

Medical bills can be daunting. The Life Care Plan includes support with both Medicare and  Insurance bills to reach the best plan of action. Sorting through the bills can become  overwhelming, and the in-house experts will help the family to resolve issues with bills that  start flooding in. 

The Best Time to Create a Life Care Plan? 

The loss of a loved one or a spouse can often send their partner into a downward spiral. Death  or illness can be the best time to create a Life Care Plan to best manage your loved ones’  condition and independence while still at home. Expert advice at this stage is needed to  prevent further deterioration from occurring. Our experts have been taking care of creating  Life Care Plans for a long time and will often offer a choice of options for the family to  explore. 


A Life Care Plan takes the burden of responsibility away from the family. You know that your  parent or loved one is receiving the very best care, and they have played a part in planning it.