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I’m Jill Burzynski and today we are going to talk about proactive planning for graceful aging. 


We find that many aging clients do not like to think about the aging process and make no plans until an inevitable crisis occurs. Planning before a crisis allows considered and informed decisions, rather than decisions made while the clients are in distress. The tools that we use include  legal documents designed to provide asset protection and thoughtful consideration to  successor decision makers if health care issues impair decision making. Sometimes trusts are used for asset protection. Other times other legal documents are the right answer in an individual situation. Elders should be anticipating the falls, as they step into aging. We have a team that includes Elder Care Coordinators with extensive experience in the health care industry who are able to provide advocacy and guidance as health care changes occur. Being a caregiver for a chronically ill loved one is stressful. We provide support to the family to ensure that the best decisions can be made about where care can be delivered successfully and without causing a financial crisis. Proactively planning for the future provides peace of mind.  Give us a call to schedule a consultation.

We know that as people age, they will encounter significant health care changes. 

Our firm provides proactive planning tools to help our clients receive good care without drowning in expenses. 

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