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How Well Do You Understand Elder Care Law?

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Many are confused about the field of Elder Care Law.  It is a complex area of law that deals with legal issues affecting seniors.  Unfortunately, there are many misconceptions that can lead to confusion and misunderstanding.  Here are several common elder law points of misunderstanding.

  1. Elder law only covers issues related to retirement.  Burzynski Elder Law provides counsel for a wide range of legal issues: care coordination, healthcare advocacy, estate planning, Medicaid and asset protection planning, VA Benefits applications, adult guardianship and probates.
  2. Elder care attorneys are not needed.  These types of elder care law myths can have a negative impact on aging adults and their families.  Planning to age successfully involves coordinating care, insurance counseling, asst and legal planning, and addressing complex family dynamics while navigating a maze of federal, state, and local laws.  Familiarity with local sources (caregivers, facilities, insurance agents, financial planners, etc.) is very important, especially to those relatively new to Southwest Florida.  Many seniors think they can handle their legal matters on their own.  However, a federal judge once wrote when hearing a case that Medicaid is one of the “most completely impenetrable texts within human experience” and a “dense reading of the most tortuous kind.”

The elder care attorneys at Burzynski Elder Law are experienced in this specific area of law, and they understand the interplay between multiple areas of law, including how they affect the individual and the family at the federal, state and local levels.  Elder care law attorneys provide valuable advice and assistance with any legal, care or asset issues that may arise.

  1.  Elder care law applies only to seniors.  Age is irrelevant.  Disease and disability do not discriminate against the older in favor of the younger.  Because of this, Burzynski Elder Law helps individuals of all ages.   We counsel those with special needs, early onset conditions such as dementia, Parkinson’s, or MS, health older people, and unhealthy older people.  It is important for any adult to have proper understanding and elder care counsel to protect their rights and ensure their wishes are carried out.
  2. Elder care is only for the wealthy.  Elder care law is beneficial for seniors of any financial background.  The care advocates at Burzynski Elder Law focus on the best care first, then identifying ways to pay for that care without going broke.  We are a team of professionals experienced in providing legal assistance to seniors regardless of their financial status.  In fact we find the middle class is most at risk of running out of assets if one senior should need extended long term care, as compared to wealthier Floridians.
  3. Elder care planning is once and done.  Care coordination, asst planning, and elder law advocacy is not a destination, it is a journey.  The elder care professionals at Burzynski Elder Law provide continuing support and advocacy tot our families to ensure the best care possible when it is needed.


If you or a loved one worries about finding or paying for care, the elder care team at Burzynski Elder Law would love to hear from you.  We are experienced with identifying the problems and solving them.  Give us a call to learn how we can work together at 239-434-8557.