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The annual trek to the family homestead for the holiday can bring more stress than joy for adults with elderly, disabled or chronically-ill parents. Mom’s chronic condition is getting worse. Dad can barely take care of himself, let alone manage mom’s needs. The bills aren’t getting paid. The house is a wreck.
We have found that the holiday season is the time when many adults are forced to confront the reality of parents’ declining health. We get many calls this time of year, mostly from adults from out of the area who come to see their parents to attend a holiday gathering and discover that mom or dad can no longer function on their own. It’s terrifying to find out that parents need help with basic care, especially when the children have busy lives to which they need to return.

When the holidays reveal the truth about a parent’s health, finding someone to look after mom or dad becomes an urgent priority. Most people don’t know where to begin to support their parents who are struggling with illness or disability. The challenge is even greater when you’re only in town for a few weeks or less and don’t have much time to locate the care your parents need.