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VA Pension Benefits To Help Pay For Long-Term Care Every household faces financial difficulties when it comes to nursing home care. If you are  not aware yet, both men and women who have served their country could be eligible for  special VA subsidies to help mitigate health expenses. Veterans Aid and Attendance benefits  the veterans and widows of ex-servicemen who might be in care facilities or who are  bedbound and entail medical treatment. Many veterans are qualified for even more than  $2,000 in monthly benefits. 

Who Can Get Aid And Attendance Benefits? 

The Department of Veterans Affairs authorizes a little-known state pension called Aid and  Attendance. This enhanced pension assists military veterinarians and their surviving spouses  who are in a nursing facility or residential care or who are bedridden due to a severe  disability and obtain in-home medical services for dealing with health care and daily  expenses. 

To be eligible for these benefits, all of the following must apply: 

  • The veteran must be at least 65 years old or older. 
  • The veteran had been on active duty for at least 90 days in a row. 
  • During a war such as World War II, Korean War, Vietnam War, or Gulf War, the  veteran served at least one day of active duty. 
  • The veteran’s release was not dishonorable. 
  • The veteran or widow needs help with day-to-day living activities. • The widow never divorced or remarried the vet. 

The health condition that necessitates long-term treatment or in-home support does not have  to be service-related, as there are different VA disability benefits for just that. 

How Much Is The Aid And Attendance (A&A) Benefit? The 2022 rates for Veterans Aid and Attendance are as follows: $2,050 per month for a single  veteran, $2,431 per month for a couple, $3,253 per month for a married veteran, and $1,317  per month for a widow or widower. This implies that the Aid and Attendance is greater  compared to the basic pension portion. Meanwhile, the Housebound Allowance is slightly  less than A&A rewards. Another advantage of VA benefits is that they are all tax-free. 

If This Is A Government Benefit, Do I Need A Lawyer? Yes, unfortunately, the qualifying criteria for income threshold and excluded assets are highly  technical and difficult to understand. Thus, qualifying without any legal assistance is nearly  impossible. We have supported several veterans and surviving spouses who were initially  rejected Aid and Attendance when they tried to apply on their own. 

If you meet the basic qualifying conditions, we will collaborate with the VA to prove your  medical needs, authenticate your financial qualifications, appropriately fill out the forms, and  get you accepted. We can also embody you in Veterans Administration appeals.

Long-term treatment can be compensated for with both Medicaid and VA benefits. However,  conserving assets to be qualified for one could have a detrimental effect on the other. This is  yet another reason to consult with an expert lawyer who can support you in getting approved  

for Aid and Assistance without compromising your present or prospective Medicaid  eligibility.